Monday, September 13, 2004


know wat? something shitty happened yesterday.. but first, the good news.. yesterday my Perguruan Pencak Silat Kembang Wali (PPSKW) group did a performance at Kolam Ayer CC.. Kembang Wali was invited by the silat group called, Gagak Sakti to their opening ceremony.. i'm really proud of my group.. they really performed very well.. improved so much in what i believe is a short time.. i did the last item for PPSKW n satisfied with my own performance.. considering dat was my first official performance for PPSKW.. wonderful..

The shitty thing happened after my performance.. after sending the group home, nur, my fiancee, told me her ex-boyfriend called to ask her to come back to his life.. the thing is, how he asked her was so much of a sudden dat nur just broke down.. so sudden dat when he asked questions, she somehow answered as if hypnotised!! SHIT.. n he can even have the cheek to ask her to imagine him n her hugging.. SICK.. when nur called me, she was already at the brink of crying.. really couldnt bear to know she feeling like dat while i was sitting at home playing com.. shit.. i immediately went out to go to her to console her.. to be with her.. felt she really needed me.. neeways, plus i felt treatened.. it's so shitty dat he could have dat shitty cheeky shit to call her dearest, tell her in a matter-of-fact manner dat she still wants him.. as far as i know nur, she hate him for making her wait for him for 2whole bloody years!!

well guess wat, BOY.. you've had ur chance, n u fucking blew it fucking big time.. so u can just make like a good boy, shuff ur dick up ur bloody ass.. cos nur's MY gal, u moron! go find some other gals who can give a bloody shitty concern on u..

neeways, slept at nur's place.. i really felt so bloody shitty lastnite.. afraid of losing her.. she's been my pillar of strength most of the time.. if i lose her, i dun bloody know how i will be.. maybe just be bloody sick.. heh!

ah well.. this post seems a bit long.. but wat do i bloody care? hahahah!! was quite relaxing... woke up quite late while nur n her mum went out early in the morning to sell their foodstuff to mendaki students.. i went out just b4 noon to go cut my hair.. but i had to attend to a brokendown car first, since i'm on 24hrs breakdown service duty.. alas.. i only got to go to the barber's at around 4pm to cut my bloody messy hair.. after dat i met nur for awhile, just to be with her, wanted to see how she was doing.. she's alright now.. i'm glad.. heard dat bOy wanna call her again tmr.. in fact he plans to bloody meet nur in the evening.. FAT CHANCE BOY!! me first.. let me say again.. you've had ur chance!! bloody shitty.. i'm so damn bloody tired of these kind of bloody shitty guyz.. as if nur's the only gal in this bloody world.. carry on with your bloody life boy.. u wun bloody harm urself.. there other galz out there who wud bloody LOVE to be with u... she WAS urs, but u didn't bloody do much abt it.. so, now, me first.. u? out of context.. boy..

well, dat's all the bloody time i have.. thanks for reading my bloody story.. get sick ya'all!!

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