Wednesday, May 24, 2006

quite some time

it's been quite some time since i post anything.. truth is, after i got married, i got quite bz with honeymoon, work and settling down at my new woodlands house, my wife's pregnant so offspring coming soon.. also, i haven't got a computer at home, yet..

work's been hectic previously.. the whole company shifted to toa payoh.. and now the workshop at lengkee's been re-opened and i've just been transferred there.. back to the old place, with some changes to the system..

kembang wali's involvement in the recently completed competition ended with good results.. we've got some golds, silvers and bronzes.. some lost their matches all the way.. but hey, they were first timers in the silat olahraga competition! most of them did amazingly well.. i'm so proud of them.. recently one of my guru's old time best friend's been attending our kembang wali's training.. he's got loads of experience.. well apart from him learning and training what and how is kembang wali, one of the main target is for him to advice, coach and train us in silat competition.. and i believe, through his expertise, kembang wali will be one of the new perguruan silat to look out for, insya-Allah.. but whatever it is, i still believe we have huge amount of knowledge and skill which are not known to us yet..

i'm starting to feel that my life's slowly starting to get a little stagnant.. the only reason is that my wife and i are starting a new life together.. we're trying to make ends meet and discussing on our budget.. but i believe, insya-Allah, once we've really settled down, things gonna change.. there're loads and loads of plans in my mind for my family..

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