Friday, September 29, 2006

Mum's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mum!

Celebrated mum's 57th birthday last night.. break our fast at her house.. Raqin looked like he knew what was going on when he got all excited last night.. nur and i treated them dinner.. got mutton chops for mum and idor.. nur and i got ourselves meehoon goreng.. and Raqin? Frisco.. heheh..

hope we made her happy on her birthday.. it's a pity dad couldn't make it.. he was on evening shift..

All in all, everything went smoothly yesterday.. alhamdulillah..

by the way, got my windscreen vinyls too, at least now there's no need for me to unfold the sunshade in the car.. plus my ride somehow looks better/neater now.. next on the list is my spacers for the spoiler..


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