Monday, September 20, 2004

today bz in the morning.. when i covered rahman's duty this morning, i had a bz day.. attended 5 breakdown vehicles.. came back to work at lunchtime.. after dat i got a job dat's similar to my breakdown service job, changing spare tyre.. after dat, i just relaxed till i punch out from work.. met nur.. just had a relaxing time with her.. now i'm back home.. relaxing again.. hahah..

bad news, no opportunity at chevrolet.. called haja, he told me his boss don't need any technicians at the moment as he's already got three new guys who're still under probation period.. well tough luck iqi..

planning to ask mr kwek, my manager, pertaining to my salary.. need to ask him if there's any adjustments to my salary since i've completed the apprenticeship under komoco, completed the bond under komoco, n i'm still working under komoco..

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