Monday, February 28, 2005

Well, here i am again.. just went thru an unexpected bad patch last week.. guess wat? i fractured my toe!! can u believe it?? when was the last time i got this kind of injury? hmm.. can't remember, i think it was 1996? that's about 9 years ago!!

i got this current injury 2 weeks ago during my silat session.. last time i was the one training.. but now i'm an instructor.. my guru told me to spar with one of the students.. he's much heavier then me.. usually i don't give a shit if my opponent is heavier then me.. so i didn't mind.. but after the sparring session, i felt a sharp pain in my toe.. i didn't really thought much of it since injuries are normal for me..

by the next day, my toe and the area around was swollen.. i just gave a good enuf but painful massage the previous night.. well, since on sunday i had my part-time course, i went to the clinic to get it check (i actually wanted just a medical chit).. got 2 days mc..

my dearest nur got extremely worried.. i was actually on the way home when she called me and persuaded me to go to the hospital that very same night.. She got a shock when the doctor said it was a fracture.. well, she actually had a strong feeling that it was a fracture before our hospital visit.. though it wasn't a surprise to me, i felt bad for making nur feel so worried..

well.. got a whole week mc! i was actually expecting a bit longer since it's a fracture.. but nevertheless, it's ok..

i feel better now, able to do the proper walk, if i do it slowly.. i'm hoping i'll be ok by friday, which is the next silat training.. cos i've made some changes to my coaching plan for the sparring team.. since the injury, i've been blaming my lack-of-training the whole week whch made me ponder on my own personal skill and reflexes.. need to 'kill 2 birds with one stone'.. found a way to train myself while training the students.. well, this is just trial and error.. if i feel it works, i'll carry on with it.. but i have to get the students mindset focused.. want them to feel they're training together with me and not under me.. need them to grasp the idea that each and everyone of them needs to give out pointers/suggestions/tips and the works.. need to learn from each other.. sigh..

gotta stop here.. else if i say out everything in my mind, it won't end.. i tend to go round and round in circles.. well, that's how my mind works.. i guess.. haha!!


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