Tuesday, March 01, 2005



i feel shitty today and yesterday.. work's been a drag for me these past few months.. it's always the same thing.. everytime at work, i'll be hearing and listening shitties saying shitty stuff about this shitty company.. so so shitty.. as u can see.. the company's making it big in the singapore automotive industry.. i don't know about the other departments, but the technicians in the service workshop are experiencing an all time shitty morale.. well, i mention all time doesn't include the whole shitty worktime we pathetic bunch of shitty mechs in a company which is in the top 5 list of successful automotive light vehicles industry..


u know, when i was on medical leave for the whole of last week.. i felt at ease.. well, not my fractured toe.. it's my mind and EARS..

my mind didn't have to work on how to 'wayang' if there's no job.. act as if i'm bz that is.. my ears don't have to listen to people babbling and complaining about this guy's shittyness or that guy's shittyness or how much the work load being given and having underpaid while others get paid higher do less job or work worse with shitty attitude or this or that or everything or something or WHATEVER....

i can go on and on and on about it and it still won't end.. think about this.. if.. i've only been in the company for nearly 4 years and i've already seen lotsa shitty stuff.. what about those who've been the company for around 10 years? shit.. well.. some have no other choice due to low or no qualification.. they are based solely on experience.. companies want papers.. certs.. black n white proof of our so called intelligence which are measured by their so called theory-only tests.. pathetic..

but if that's the case, then what's my position and salary being based on? ... it's so so so shitty.. what's that particular statement singapore pledge? "...regardless of race, language or religion..to build a democratic society..." that's a good one.. really good.. serious..

i think they should add some more words to it.. "....regardless of race, language, religion, nationality... to build a commercial society...."

oh what the shit... the original pledge is really good and respectable.. but it's the people who are saying the pledge.. all kinds of people.. shitty people? loads and loads of them.. maybe me included.. for me, it's due to the shitty people.. well, there's this guy in the company, he's really shitty.. i wonder if he's really a singaporean..

i'm ok being a singaporean.. i have nothing against this country.. but it's living in it.. you have to push yourself is the easy part.. but pushing through the people whom you're suppose to listen to... and i'm talking about superiors in the company.. he just can't push every fault and accident or upset or loss to everyone else except you canit....? well.. he got promoted.. hoohaa hurray... well, do some digging up in that shitty brain.. it's because of us mechs.. if we boycott or sabotage.. can u get promoted? i don't think so.. the boss is definitely going to look for you.. not us.. we're just low life to you.. let alone the boss.. you gonna end up having a much larger shitty hole.. your ass won't be an ass..

empty promises.. well, that's the motto for this particular guy i guess.. cos that's what he's been giving.. bloody shitty empty promises.. promise A, we get B.. promise B, we get C..

been searching for other companies.. i'm getting so so so much help from my dearest nur.. he's such a big help.. love ya!! without her, i don't know what i'll be.. more shitty? hmm.. looks more like bloody shitty..

she's really help so much.. she's busy with her schoolwork, which seems to make her so stressed out and hot-tempered.. but i still love her.. she's soo special in her own way.. while i feel i'm the crappy, shitty one.. she's sacrificed a whole bunchy bunch of her energy and time to help out.. she would even scold me.. not that i'm complaining.. i really feel so crappy.. i know i shouldn't have this thought of me being crappy.. but it's true.. i AM crappy..

i don't want to be that.. i really wanna change.. to be better than crappy.. shitty's alright.. but not crappy.. what the shit am i saying?!

well.. whatever it is, i'm waiting for replies from my applications to companies.. need the $$$.. i know i'm really crappy academically.. so i have to at least do something technically to cover my weakling of the one called academic mind..

starting to get shitty in my bloggy.. so i'm off..

till the next bloggy entry.. get shitty!!

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