Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Layout

Got this new layout few months ago actually.. but did really have the time/mood/chance to change.. well now here it is!! what u think? i love this better than my previous blog.. this is really nice for me..

been quite some time since i post any sayings..

it's either i'm too tired or sleepy or not in the mood.. c, i won't post anything if there's nothing to say.. there's been a number of incidents recently..

just this previous night, there was a quake, i think it was 8.5 on the ricter scale.. that's a big one!! everyone thought that was it... the next tsunami.. THE tsunami, n it started in the vicinity of the recent tsunami.. didn't feel the shake from my area.. not sure why.. i read teban gardens road felt the tremor.. so it's strange my area wasn't affected..

it will definitely be an xperience if i've felt it.. no worries though.. this is the work of God.. thins happen for a reason, whether good or bad.. the things is, there've been more n more casses of natural disaster recently.. i say it's a sign from Him..

the other incident which affected my feelings n my thoughts is the one in US, where there's this female trying to bring up the topic of sexism in Islam..

as far as my knowledge goes, a woman can only be an Imam (leader - in this case, the person leading the prayers) when the follower are ***ALL*** of the same gender.. if there is a male, then it is a MUST for him to be the Imam if that particular group wants to have their prayers together..

IT IS THE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a perfect reason to that..

The female gender,

1) are considered pure.. (apart from having their monthly menses)

2) have their benefits which Men do NOT have..

to elaborate:

1) Why pure?
Their physically sacred.. Y do u think women in Islam are suppose to cover themselves from head to toe, except for their faces? don't u even think about that?

generally, it's due to men's character!!

- take for example, two women are walking.. one covering herself from head to toe, and the other, dressed to kill.. they walk pass a group of men sitting down having a relaxing time, say, after work.. of the two women, the men's eyes will be fixed more on who? if u don't know, go figure.. if u wanna know, email me questions..

- if men n women are to pray together in the same prayer hall with the arrangement of mixing, what do u think will happen? generally, both gender won't be able to focus the reason they're praying! especially for those who are sick in their mind!

- next is the question of why did God created Adam first before Eve? Why did he not created them both at the same time? there are many reasons..

for starters, it's obvious God wants to show that men need women.. women might not need men, but definitely men need women..

on another note.. if Eve were to be created first, logically, instead of feminism, its male-ism!! males everywhere will be rioting and putting on strike and having a road march shouting on male-ism.. can the women handle that? can u imagine that?

- another point is the calling of the prayers or so called -Azan and the recitation during the praying itself..

Women's voice are sacred!!!!! if certain men are feeling sick in the mind, definitely they will have that particular feeling like the above example i mentioned about the two women walking pass a group of men..

therefore in conclusion..

this particular person from US, Amina Wadud, is a disgrace to Islam!! she wants to be imam fine, it's ok.. but not for the men!! n what's wrong with coming in from the back door? She wants to lead!! She wants to be above men!! don't u bloody see!! Women are sacred.. Men are suppose to support their womenfolk in everyway.. that is suppose to be it!!

all my life so far, the women i talk to, majority mention that they need the feel of comfort, security, love , care, concern, be pampered... n the list just goes on and on and on...

What does this show? What are u trying to tell/show us men? u want equality, but u want comfort, security, love, care, concern, be pampered an so on.. how can there be equality n have those?

I feel that the reason these women who feel they need equality is that it just so happens they mixed/are surrounded with/by men who abuse their benefits as men..

so, go figure.. each individual think differently.. so, these are my thoughts..

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