Monday, April 04, 2005

goth meetup

last saturday was this month's goth meetup.. seems it turned out better then the previous and 3rd meetup.. this 4th meetup is my 2nd meetup with the goths in singapore.. more of them turned up.. but still.. considering there are 100 over members, it's still quite a disappointment that nearly 10 attended the meetup..

we went to fort canning park.. it was really nice n dark.. somewat perfect.. played draw n tell: my group lost.. watcha expect!? i was the only goth.. the other two was dragged there and one more was quite new.. and we we had this spooky story telling.. it was spookingly hilarious!!! hahah! gez it was the pee n crap thingy added into the story.. lastly i was the murderer in conclusion! hahahahahah!!!! (evil laugh!!)

by the way, my dearest just got a job at starhub.. sound too me it's hectic n bz.. long working hours man!!

went for the 2nd interview at MotorImage.. hope i get it.. got to know that there seem to have lots of opportunity for me to learn new stuff!! woohoo!! hope i get it.. i'll know in 3 days time..

well.. there still some more stuff i need to do in my life currently.. have to do it soon..

till next free shitty time..

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