Saturday, April 16, 2005

Motor Image

It's confirmed!!! i've got the job at Motor Image!! i didn't wait long as soon as i got the call of confirmation.. the next working day, i tendered resignation first thing in the morning! next few days i applied my leave.. clearing my annual leave of 6 days.. starting work at Motor Image on the 9 May 2005!!

i've been waiting for the chance to get da fuck out of my current company.. cos the management is so fucked up!! people can say "hey, shit happens man! so cool it!!"

like yeah.. then go give it a try at my current workplace.. like one of my old colleagues said,"we're getting an elephant's job with a monkey's pay!" hahah!! well, laugh if u get the bloody joke!! laugh!!

soon i'll be working on Subaru motor vehicles.. hopefully i'll learn more and get better prospects.. got a better pay by the way.. well, not what i hoped and expected.. but it's definitely better then my current salary..

shit happens.. but for now, this shit i can accept with open arms!!

Go shitty..

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