Tuesday, April 12, 2005


today seem to be a tiring day.. but didn't really do that much at work.. hmm.. maybe it's the weather.. serached thru the net on videography hoping to find videographer-for-rent for my wedding.. can't find any.. all that came up were just the photos and part of a clip on whateva the videographers' or photographers' work..

got a contact from my dearest.. he charge $250 for a day and $350 for 2 days.. i'm not sure if that's expensive or ok price.. my search in the net found nothing about charging rates.. i'm still searching while typing this post..

waiting for my dearest to reach home.. she's on the way.. i seem to feel worried about her.. about what i dunno..

i think i'm gonna start preparing the invitation cards next mth.. need the money.. my current workplace gives me shitty pay.. haa.. speaking of which.. just got the job at Motor Image!! alhamdulillah.. i'm going to meet their management department to get the appointment letter tomorrow after work.. i've sent my resignation letter last saturday.. it really felt great handing over that letter.. i was expecting my manager to call me to his office for a talk about me resigning..

but the person whom i passed the letter to told me that the manager gave it to the workshop manager to handle it.. ok fine.. but the thing is, that letter was addressed to him and he didn't even give a glance!! FUCKING BASTARD!!!! what? i'm a fucking lowlife to ur fucking high life?

here's my mindset about ur fucking personality and attitude towards ur own men.. 1st, u said ur happy that i chose this company to be an apprentice.. 2nd, after completing my apprenticeship, u promised me that if i intent to stay on, you have big plans for me and i'll get a better pay.. 3rd, u got promoted to General Manager.. 4th, i stayed on and u gave me less pay than an average-technician-holding-NTC2 usually gets.. 5th, now i'm in express service, which handles only simple servicing packages.. 6th, early this year we didn't get bonus, and now the whole building is getting a big fucking renovation... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?! if THAT is ur big plan for me, then UR FUCKING BIG PLAN IS A FUCKING CHEAP LABOUR PLAN!!!

what am i doing in express service?? is that ur big plan?? if i teach my bro how to do the service packages, i'll bet he can do within 3 days without any knowledge about motor vehicles!!! if THAT is ur big plan for me, then UR FUCKING BIG PLAN IS A DAMN FUCKING CHEAP LABOUR PLAN!!!

the only fucking reason why and how a manager gets promoted to general manager is because of his men/workers.. so what da fuck?! unless all u've been doing in that fucking air-conditioned office is giving a big fucking blowjob to all ur big fucking bosses!! we didn't get bonuses.. even the contractors working the same fucking job as us got bonuses... 2 months even!! same fucking job in the same fucking building but we the company's own staff get only fucking shit!!

currently the whole fucking building is getting a damn fucking renovation, a whole new look, and better equipment.. and what da fuck we get!? more fucking work...

so take care ya all fucks!!

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