Tuesday, May 03, 2005


shit! woke up too late.. planned to have lunch with nur.. but when she called me telling me she's out for lunch, that was the time i woke up!!

aniways, 1 more working day to go!! and next week i'll be starting work at motor image.. i intend to work hard and learn as much as possible.. and at the same time earn as much as possible.. u see, i'm having probs with money currently.. i didn't get last month's salary.. found out that it's cause of my resignation.. sigh.. i'll be working this saturday.. gotta hand over the tools box and locker key.. then i'm off!!

i'm alone at home again.. ridha's on duty.. pops is supposed to be on mc.. or so i heard from mom.. but since he's not here, guess he's at work.. he's so on the ball.. i just don't want pops to pop cause of work.. get it?

oh well.. shitty...

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