Tuesday, May 03, 2005


can't sleep.. so i'm posting this post..

for the past 2 days, i've been helping nur paint her room.. turns out ok.. at least can see the difference from her previous blue.. now it's rose white, i think..

the first day we painted her room, we did only 2 walls.. which i felt needed one more coating then it's done.. after which we went out to spend some quality time just the both of us.. tried coffee club at one of the hotels which i've forgotten the name.. twas a nice place, and we really had an excellent time together.. overall, that whole day was damn excellent.. felt really nice and comfortable.. the beauty of it was that we spent time not only as partners in life, but also as best friends..

the second day we painted the whole room.. added the 3rd coating for the first 2 walls and painted 2 coats on the last wall..

still have not gotten my pay yet.. it's damn frustrating.. information is not being passed on properly.. in fact, there wasn't any info pertaining to my pay being put on hold.. and for wat reason, i guess it's due to my resignation.. but why would i get a payslip which prints that i get the pay at the end of the month when i'm not getting any? this is damn frustrating..

i think i'm gonna give them a call about this, since i'm on leave.. at least i should have the right to know what's going on..

i'll try to sleep now.. plan to have lunch with nur tmr.. damn i've got not much money.. and i need it to survive.. damn komoco!!


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