Sunday, June 12, 2005

house survey

it was nice yesterday.. nur came to my house to continue our discussion on where we gonna live after marriage.. then we went off to survey the houses we chose.. first was bishan.. then strathmore ave.. next is jln membina.. and last was bedok..

there were a few more places we didn't go.. reason is basically cos we already knew some of the places and some we decided not to choose..

the bishan house was really established and initially became our first choice.. there's a shop at the void deck.. shopping ctr the mrt was walking distance.. but alas, it's spoilt by the neighbour.. they had potted plants right up to the door step of the house!! such a turn-off!! so to speak..

strathmore ave was another nice place.. i know the place like the back of my hand, due to my current workplace is just a walking distance.. the wind was wonderful.. it had an open space view.. cool.. we got to see the inside of the house due to the windows facing the corridor.. the house is damn small!! but after much discussion, we more or less had an idea of how to design the small space given.. so first choice it became.. and bishan dropped to second..

next was jln membina.. very near to tiong bahru mrt.. place really established.. but the blocks are really new.. got to see the design from a friendly neighbour who offered us into their house.. cool!! really cool!! got first choice from us..

after much discussion, 2 units from that block ended up our 1st AND 2nd choice!! 3rd is strathmore, and last is bishan which has dropped way below.. 4th is boon tiong, which we've surveyed months ago..

we went to bedok last cos it's near to nur's home.. very very quiet place.. a little too quiet for the both of us.. so, it became our 6th and last choice.. so bishan got 5th placing..

well, now we'll see if we can get at lest any of our choice.. insya Allah.. but we need to register for a place to book for the place! have to do it quick.. since our day is really really nearing.. 3 months to go!!

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