Saturday, July 09, 2005


can't seem to get myself to post any for ColdxRealm these past few weeks.. guess my minds in quite a mess now..

i got myself involved in a stuntshow held by MIE for the SPH carnival on 26th june last month.. it was a first for me so, at first i was quite excited having being involved in this kind of event in any company i've ever been in.. it was cool.. the stunt drivers did their 180 degrees handbrake turns over and over again.. the catch for that day was that the public was involved in the stunts personally! they had to register and voila! they became the passengers in the stunt cars while the drivers did their wonderful job!

a number of stuff happened before today, it's a pity i've forgotten... damn..

ah yes.. the monthly goth meetup.. turn up was better than expected! it's nice to know that more of those who say their goth and are registered in the goth get involved in the meetup itself!! nice, congrats to you all in upgrading on level..

by the way, about the wedding, i'll be wearing white for the solemnisation.. plus, i need to get my invitation cards ready to show it to the videographer i've contacted.. need to contact him asap.. need to clear and clean up my room and the other room which nur and i gonna be using after marriage when we stay there.. while at nur's place we'll of course using her current room.. so, it's 2 houses for us after marriage.. that's until we get a house of our own.. which i want it asap..

2 months to go!! it's really really nearing!! need to re-reflect on myself.. life's gonna change definitely.. still no regrets choosing nur.. alhamdulillah.. i've known her closing to 4 years now.. found out alot about her.. positive and negative.. i've come to accept her flaws.. but i know there're still lots to know about her, once we start living together as husband and wife..

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