Tuesday, August 23, 2005


it's been reeeeally long time since i last posted anything.. it's always either i'm too lazy or tired to post, now can't seem to be bothered to update in full details of whatever happened between my last post and now..

anyway, the day's nearing.. and there are still stuff which have not been decided yet.. for one, is the videography.. got a contact which charges $500.. i need two days service.. anyone care to offer? the dates are 17 and 18 september, which is next month..

next, i was involved in the carnival @ marina.. had to standby for the subaru stunt show.. wasn't much.. this time, our stunt driver was from malaysia.. but the main attraction was of course, the AutoTrail5.. obviously that attracted a whole bunch of car lovers and others.. organised by SMSA, it had some hiccups, but other than that, everything was fine..

nur's bed is now in my room, which we're gonna use while staying there.. after marriage, i'll have 2 homes, jurong and tampines.. heh.. both ends of singapore..

our bedroom set arrived a couple of days ago.. it's a real disappointment.. we order maroon for the headrest, but it was gold when the bed came.. so fucked up.. and that's a fact.. u see, on that same delivery day, the company called in the morning to inform us that they've no stock for maroon... fuck u! we ordered months ago and the company could have the fucking cheek to call us on the delivery day!!! if they had no stock on that particular day we ordered (which was months ago), then how long does their fucking stock take to reach them?! they're damn fucking lucky it wasn't me who answered that damn fucking call.. or else...

for now, we've more or less finalised our short honeymoon.. i am not and will not give any details of the plan.. just that we had to make our plans short due to certain reasons i'm not going to tell too.. pllfftt..

apart from the bedroom set and videography, i think we've confirmed most of the stuff for wedding.. it may not be exactly what we want, (because of certain parties in each of our families), it is THE wedding of our life.. so, to nur, we can only pray that it goes smoothly.. insyaAllah..

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