Saturday, September 03, 2005


in two weeks time, my life will change.. never to look back.. it's forward we go.. lots and lots n tons n tons of stuff lies ahead.. financial, emotional and faith.. responsibilities change.. goals will either change or altered..

during these two weeks.. i feel more and more agitated.. not sure the exactly specific reason.. i know there are.. just cant pinpoint it/them.. preparations on nur's side seem to be going well, alhamdulillah.. as for my side, there are still lots of stuff not done yet.. i hope we will be ready before the time comes to depart for the ceremony, insyaAllah..

life's been hectic.. but so far, alhamdulillah, nur and i have managed to plow through till now.. there are more to plow through.. insya-Allah.. together, we will plow through.. together we'll manage.. together we'll face whatever that gets in our way.. together we'll support each other.. all starts and ends with faith .. insya-Allah..

heard of the saying,"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"?

well, i'm not following by that, i'm trying to follow this,"When the going gets tough, we say You haven't seen what's tough".. well sounds shitty to me as soon as i type it out..

well, whatever it is, it's true that we must never give up on whatever hiccups we face in our lifes.. but some people take it literally.. which i feel is not what it's supposed to be..

bottomline, soak and strike.. 'soak' whatever's been thrown at, and 'strike' back when within range..

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