Wednesday, October 04, 2006

1st post for october

Did my 1st servicing last week.. so at least now my engine's got new 'blood' in it.. i keep thinking again and again on what/when/how to mod my ride..

hmm.. i've got the 'what' on my MODS-2-B list..
i'm thinking since my 3yrs warranty touches only on the engine and transmission parts, i'll have to see what can be modded which is reversible.. the rest of the parts is 1year.. so, 'when' to start modding? have to be a year later..
i'll think of the 'how' when modding time nears..

so now it's more to minor add-ons here n there.. first in mind is tinting my windows.. then it's strut bar.. and maybe drop-in filter k&N/HKS.. might try to look for the ioniser, but not really sure if that's neccessary..

hmm.. i'm thinking of spraying the plastic panels of my dash.. what's a nice colour? blue? red? or maybe white? hmm.. wonder how much it'll cost me if i spray the whole interior plastic panels...


nur's been doing great on her new job so far, alhamdulillah.. new on the job and she's already bringing home stuff for marking.. wonder how much work she'll bring home as soon as she becomes full-time teacher.. brrrr.. makes me shiver..

Raqin's been quite sick recently.. coughing with phlegm.. hope he gets well soon, his 2nd injection is already overdue.. but he's still a happy boy with coughs in the middle.. i'm more worried when he coughs in his sleep.. it usually wakes him up, which means less sleep for him.. the doctor is concern because of the wheezing in the breathing.. potential asthma.. hope he'll be ok.. he's been growing strong, keep wanting to stand up.. and he have not even started rolling from face up to face down... but i think he did it once.. but nobody saw it..

one fine night, i was on the way home from silat training, nur was trying to make him sleep but ended nur slept first while raqin was still so very awake.. as per normal, he was lying face up(we've never tried to make him sleep while face down).. when i reach home.. i heard raqin's voice sounded so wide awake.. on the bed i saw nur sound asleep, oblivious to what's happening to raqin, while raqin was lying face down, with his head held up high tapping his mama.. looked so cute.. i woke nur up and asked why did she leave him be while he's facing down.. but no.. she didn't.. so who did? there was no one else at home.. it was so obvious that he did that himself!! but that was the only time he did that, and no one saw that.. heheh..

the haze..

seems to be getting from bad to worse.. i wonder what if the authorities from those involved countries would just cordon the area and cover it with one big lump of shelter and tell those arsonists to stay in and smell their wonderfully healthy haze.. till death do they part..

or they might just go ahead and arrest those dickheads.. they will definitely argue back that it's their ricebowl.. but people start to die due to the smokefire, what ricebowl do they have? smokey ricebowl.. that's what they'll have.. i'm not exactly an environmentalist or those shit.. but this is a little too much.. initially i couldn't imagine that those forest fires are the cause of the haze.. as years go by, i started having the 'cause and effect' theory in me little head, and voila!! no i know..

knowledge is power they say, use what infomation u know to your advantage they say, but saying is just a fraction of the battle..

just like the statement,"you can talk the talk, but can you walk the talk?" but then there are those who walk the talk before they talk the walk..

they know the haze is making this area so bad and near impossible to breathe.. for many years!! knowledge! they have the knowledge.. they even have the power for action.. but none taken.. well, at least not much.. maybe they feel without these people doing this, they won't have rice? nuff said..

Got baju kurung for Raqin..

two sets.. one purple, one white.. so cute.. can't wait to see him in it.. i think everyone can't wait to see him in it.. my elder bro can't wait to meet his own nephew for the first time.. can imagine is expression.. hehehe

the whole of next month, my life is going to be so hectic.. first is the motorshow.. everyday for two weeks.. but i won't be involve for the whole event due to reservist.. lasting for two whole weeks.. sigh.. raqin can't meet your pops for 2weeks..

have to get enuf rest before that.. have to pack me belongings.. damn.. so much stuff to do.. so little time..

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