Friday, October 06, 2006

Raya Preparation

a lot of stuff need to be done for the coming aidilfitri.. it's going to be something like 'killing two birds with one stone'..

it's about time we concentrate in making our house more presentable for any guest.. but especially for our own.. have to make our house a nicer place to live in..

today have to go to Mustafa Ctr for curtains and beads.. then i think next is to geylang for carpets AND DENDENG.. to get dendeng is a must for every fasting month.. especially for me wifey, nur..

I also need to complete my painting in the balcony.. it's a little to messy for my liking... then it's the hall, want to make it so nice and cosy for my family to live in.. maybe a galleria wall? hmm.. or maybe a painted wall, just one sided..? choices choices.. that's the beauty of having my very own home.. can do whatever we want whenever we want.. cushions!! we need cushions...

wat else? ah yes, there's the toilet doors.. they're screaming to get replaced.. not sure when and where to get it.. preferably before raya..

busy busy busy.. plan to complete revamp by next week.. so, we can rest before the raya starts.. my elder bro will be coming to singapore the following week.. he really can't wait to meet his lastest nephew, Raqin.. that'll be my son..

i know we still have a couple more stuff to get.. have to go through the list again..


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