Friday, December 08, 2006

Spirited driving..

it's been fun driving my ride around.. but i need to rebudget.. have to really calculate my expenditure on it, especially the monthly payment, petrol and season parking.. i'll do it starting next month.. but now i have to vaguely guess my petrol consumption.. but all in all, i'm still glad i got the car.. love this car, i feel much more safe in this car due to its excellent handling, considering it's still stockish.. i'll have to take my modifications damn slowly.. don't wanna rush, but definitely will do them.. the list i've done will definitely be in this blog permenantly.. i don't wanna do major mods.. i'm not a racer, just love driving so much, and i tend to do spirited driving.. the urge to go on track is quite tempting, but i'm not so into it.. unless i get sponsers, heh.. whatever it is.. bottomline is, with this ride, it's so much easier getting around with my family, especially with my cute baby son, Raqin..

i have yet to test this ride on a road trip up north.. i know it'll be fun.. especially it's my own ride.. i won't exactly test the car's limit, especially cos i'll be with my wife n son.. don't want anything bad to happen to them.. but once awhile, my wife have to remind me that they're in the car with me.. Thanks dear..! love u and Raqin!..

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