Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Japan Training

Just got back from Japan Training, sent by my company.. it was a first time experience for me to go for this kind of trip (for training purpose).. a really excellent experience!! never have i ever expect to go to japan.. now that i've gone there, all i can say is it's a beautiful country.. well, at least from where i went, Takao and Shinjuku..

If i have enough money, i wouldn't mind going there for holiday with my family.. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be since the majority of the japs don't speak english.. alot of the signs comes with english beside or under the jap language.. and u can really go lots of places by train.. like to hear them speak.. conclusion, for me, foreign language, jap and french are beautiful language and not forgetting persian or arabic..

on the whole, i truly enjoyed my trip there, but alas, if only i was with my family, i think it would be more fun!

Just got myself a PC.. compac.. i'm still exploring it and it's using Windows Vista, which i'm still not familiar.. now it's left for me to subscribe to the internet.. think i'll download/buy some educational programs/games(for raqin) apart from my usual games.. i feel it's going to be very useful, especially for my wife, who really needs the computer for her job..

but till i get my internet, i'm still using the com at work for updates..

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