Friday, June 08, 2007

It's the June Holidays!

It's the June school holidays.. Wifey won't be working on most days of this month! Raqin will be at home, doing is usual plays and stuff.. sometimes i pity him not having anyone else to play with apart from my wifey n me, uncles and aunts, grandmas n grandpas, since his the only son now.. i'm hope he'll have a bro or sis sooner than later.. He's been so very interested towards other children whenever he sees them.. He always calls for them to attend to him or talk or play with him..
Since wifey's not working most of the days of this month, at least he won't be travelling every morning to his granny's before the sun's up.. As for me, i won't be too rushing to reach work before 7am which is the curfew for my vampire ride.. and i travel 40km less too!
So far, for this month, we brought raqin to the Singapore Zoo. Hoo boy, he was soo excited to see life animals in the flesh.. especially the penguins! so engrossed was he that when he left the penguins, he kept looking back at them! haha.. the look on his face! like he wanted to touch and communicate with them!
i'm planning to have an outing for my family this month.. maybe a drive a little further up than JB.. just the 3 of us.. i'm hoping that we can book a place to stay for maybe 3d2n.. a proper long awaited holiday for the 3 of us.. but i doubt we can get since it's the holidays, lots of people will be doing just that, but booking at a much earlier day.. So i guess this is last minute.. so maybe just a one day field/shopping/outing holiday trip up north.. can start early before 7am and come back after 7pm(so i won't need day coupon)..

Know what? i'm a winner of Lush99.5FM recently! Had to sms lush if i wanna get local artist, Shirlyn Tan's new album, NewFound Jealousy.. Didin't expect to win, since never in my life have i won any of this kind of contest(if u can call this a contest)..

When i receive a call from Lush DJ Timothy Oh, i got a shock till i couldn't react properly.. but i did answered promptly, plus i was in the middle of my work.. after the call then i realised that i ACTUALLY won the prize! i have 2 weeks to collect my prize, i'm bz currently.. but at least i got my annual leave approved, "killing 2 birds with 1 stone", i'll collect the prize and then do my holidays..


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